ASUW Latinx Student Commission



La Raza Commission offers the following different types of funding for it’s constituents from its own budget:

Endorsement: When La Raza supports an event by lending you our name in exchange for publicizing the event. (ie distributing pamphlets, emailing constituents, volunteering to help out (without giving money).

Co-sponsorship: When La Raza agrees to pay for a specific part of the event brought it by an RSO or department, which is outlined in the budget proposal for the event. Typically there are limits on the amount of money that can be given out because it is not a commission-originated event.

Download the application and guidelines by clicking here.


The following are other resources that your organization may find convenient and accessible:


RSO Fundraising

Student Activities and Union Facilities (SAUF): Student Activities and Union Facilities has monies available to RSOs. See your SAO advisor to find out more.

Hec Ed Fundraising: The Hec Edmundson Pavilion allows RSOs to
fundraise by working parking services or selling concessions during sporting events. See their website for more info.

General Fundraising: When considering fundraising, keep these rules in mind

Funding Resources

HUB Travel GrantThe HUB Travel Grant for Registered Student Organizations (RSOs) is designed to advance and enrich the student experience at UW. This student engagement opportunity promotes the exchange of ideas and helps build a community in which students develop not only as scholars, but as well-rounded organization leaders and members.

HUB RSO Event Fund: The maximum HUB RSO Event Grant amount an RSO may receive is $1,000.
-Funding will be granted only to cover the costs of the facility.
-Funding may not be used to pay for cancellation fees.

Wells Fargo Fund: The Wells Fargo Fund for Registered Student Organizations has been created to allocate money to support the on-campus events, programs, and activities of Registered Student Organizations (RSOs). The Fund is intended to support the ability of RSOs to enrich campus culture, foster student empowerment, and enhance community impact.

Bookstore discount: All RSOs get a 10% discount on supplies at the University Bookstore. Also, if your RSO request far enough in advance, the bookstore can donate gift certificates for education-based fundraising events.

UW Surplus: All excess university equipment goes to UW surplus, where it can be viewed online before it is auctioned off.
This is a low cost resource for students.

UW Alumni Association: The UW Alumni Association has RSO grants it gives out three times a year. The deadline falls once each quarter. For more info, visit their website.

ASUW Special Appropriations Committee: This is a committee set up by ASUW to ensure diverse and relevant student programming, which is also a powerful resource for student groups. If your group has gotten previous funding for an event, it’s advised to bring data and mention this. If not,
don’t worry, there’s always a first time.

Graduate and Professional Student Senate (GPSS): This group review student programs and awards grants to some. See their webpage for more info.

Ethnic Cultural Center
(ECC): The Ethnic Cultural Center supports many programs which educate people about other cultures, which also
empowers students and encourage them to recognize their heritage.

Student Resource Center: All RSOs have free access to the resource center, which has free RSO printing, rents tables, canopies, has poster making software and printing capabities. They are located in the subbasement of the HUB.


Office of Minority Affairs & Diversity (OMAD)
American Ethnic Studies Deptartment (AES)
Spanish & Portuguese Deptartment

Other Departments