ASUW La Raza Student Commission

Raza Grad 2017

Raza Grad 2017 (1)

You are invited to the annual La Raza Graduation Ceremony and Celebration. La Raza Grad is organized by La Raza Student Commission in conjunction with the Office of Minority Affairs & Diversity (OMA&D) to honor and celebrate the academic achievement of Latinx and Chicanx students at the University of Washington- all campuses.


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Arrival time: Please arrive no later than 4:00pm at the Intellectual House

Dress code: The dress code for students is preferably official UW cap and gown. You are welcome to use stoles provided by your department or organizations.


Guests will need tickets to enter the ceremony – please communicate with the graduating student to ensure that they have tickets available for you.

Parking: Unfortunately we cannot secure parking.